Full Time

Front-End Developer

We're looking for a front-end developer to join our team. We have recently won a number of client projects and are looking for an extra pair of dev hands to help the workflow and ease the project list.



  • Code web applications from a Figma or Adobe XD that will be provided with the appropriate assets.
  • Provide time estimates to project managers to allow us to keep clients up to date with progress.
  • Although there will be other developers on the team here to help, understanding how to solve your coding issues on your own will be required.
  • Use a variety of programming languages in order to create user-friendly web and mobile pages.
  • Work in multidisciplinary teams with other professionals such as back-end developers and UI UX designers.
  • Excellent knowledge of browser troubleshooting and debugging practices and techniques.


  • Good time-management skills.


  • Be committed to superior quality in problem-solving, conceptualizing interfaces, visualizing digital sites/apps, and understanding how each touchpoint is connected to the brand and the product experience.






  • BA in Computer Science or a similar relevant field.
  • Tailwind CSS - We're looking primarily for a developer that has used Tailwind CSS before or is comfortable using utility-first frameworks. We use this framework for faster development, and you will need to work with our coding rules and best practices. This means you must know HTML and know this in-depth.
  • Other Tech/Languages - Our core framework relies on vanilla JS and requires knowledge of AlpineJS for speed. As well, we'd be looking for a developer that's comfortable using webpack/gulp, git and node/npm..
  • Accessible Code - It's vital that the code is accessible and accessibility rules are considered when developing. E.g. Using aria parameters, focus states, and image alt tags as a fundamental example.


  • Attention to Details - We like pixel-perfect designs and colors being correct, so attention to detail when developing is a must. Developers are responsible for their quality assurance and testing of their work.
  • VueJS - Although the projects required for the short term won't likely use VueJS, an understanding of VueJS and frameworks like Nuxt and Gridsome would be great to understand if taken on for a full-time role or further shorter contracts.
  • Positive attitude and the ability to build working relationships across Creative and Technology/Development teams in a collaborative, dynamic, and multi-disciplinary environment.


  • Minimum C1+ in the English language.


  • 5+ years of working experience as a front-end developer.

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